"nonPareil is more a mission of love, than technology" - Dan Selec


- which means ‘no equal’, is the best way to describe our unique and proven program. We offer hope to adults on the autism spectrum, enabling them to acquire skills, learn teamwork, find their community.

Every parent...

desires the same future for each of their children as they age into adulthood:
  • to have post-high school education or training that not only satifies their passion, but also allows them to meet their full potential
  • to be fully independent, and not dependent on family, friends, the government or others for support
  • to be part of a community where they have friends, and have access to those things which enrich their lives and help give meaning, purpose and fulfillment to life


as statistics reveal and experience has demonstrated, those with ASD face a very uncertain future:
  • colleges, universities, vocational or job programs are ill-equipped to handle the unique requirements of those with ASD, so admission to or successful completion of a degree or certification eludes most
  • similarly, most employers are not prepared to employ those with ASD, as evidenced by the estimated 90% unemployment or under-employment rate; having a college degree or certification does not guarantee employment
  • most live with family, and are highly dependent on family or others for support
  • as a result, most adults find themselves isolated, lonely, without friends, and generally not part of the community; this can often lead to high anxiety, depression and a general feeling of unfulfillment or a life without purpose

Building Better Futures

Welcome to the nonPareil solution.
  1. We add to our Crew's knowledge, and with knowledge comes choices. At nP, they learn in order to DO things. No learning for learnings sake.
  2. We will add additional programs that allow our Crew the ability to learn and do the things they want, and to hopefully engage the market through sales. Culinary, manufacturing, and others in the future.
  3. We are focused on giving our Crew the ability to use these new skills to build products in the hope that these products can help support them in the future.
  4. We have a supportive organization which understands that everyone has their strengths, and is dedicated to helping our Crew find theirs; a company which succeeds based on the merit and efforts of our Crew, that recognizes their passion, strengths and abilities, and transforms those abilities into meaningful skills.
  5. We will provide the necessary skills and life training which focuses on our Crew's interests and creative abilities, in an environment that understands their unique challenges.
  6. We realize that not all adults with autism will be able to handle the challenges of software design and game or app development. We are currently building new programs to engage as many autism specrtrum adults as possible.

"We are looking for people willing to put in the effort, and do something wonderful with the talents they have been given" - Dan Selec

Our Programs

Digital Technology
Playing video games is fun. Making video games is a ton of work, and usually by people with different skills. Explore the different Specializations that nP offers and start growing your skills! Who knows? Maybe YOU will help create the next totally awesome video game franchise!
Essentials is a structured program supported by a predictable routine. We seek to provide a safe and secure environment that provides each individual with a sense of belonging. Essentials curriculum is intentional, person-centered planning designed with a purpose to build on the individual’s strengths. Essentials strives to prepare each individual for their next steps progressing along a path towards their next environment. The program utilizes a variety of behavioral strategies along with technical and non-technical learning strategies to provide momentum and personal growth.
nonPareil Core
CORE programming provides our crew with the skills needed to succeed at building their own better future. Through small group courses, CORE focuses on the goals and abilities of the individual and provides the support necessary for each crew member to maximize their potential. We aim to enhance ALL crew experiences while at nonPareil by providing the structure to pursue their own vocations by improving independent living, career, and general life skills.