Better Futures for Adults with Autism


  • “As I walked through the building... it struck me that all the staff at nonPareil truly do 'get it'. The 'it' that as parents we search for our kid's entire lives... the place where they not only 'fit in' but are seen to be of value. I literally held back tears!”


  • “THANK YOU for all you are doing for our son! He has NEVER EVER been happier anywhere else, as he is there! He has NEVER been so interested or engaged in learning as he is there. You have struck a cord in his mind and soul and there are no words to describe as a parent how that makes me feel. That finally he feels invested, interested and committed to something! You are doing Gods work in my opinion, I feel blessed everyday for you all! From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!!!”


  • “nP is the first good thing to happen to him for a long he just gave up trying. He seems happier and he LOVES, LOVES what he is going to do at nP. I think he is trying to crawl out of an abyss. ”


  • “It was an almost overwhelming experience to walk through nonPareil today. It is clear you are able to change lives and futures with the people you are able to put together. We believe in this program.”


  • “At her evaluation today, I was absolutely astonished to see her answers, about 90% of which were complete turnarounds from virtually every other similar questionnaire she has ever filled out. She rated herself "happy," has friends, and does not feel hopeless about the future. THIS IS ALL BECAUSE OF YOU. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.”


  • “I want to tell you Thank you for meeting us and showing the campus. I have never seen our son say "Hi" to so many people, nor warm up to anyone as fast as he did to you. The first thing he asked me in the car was if he could attend everyday.”


  • “I have never been around something that gives me such joy as watching those super individuals. Every day and especially the last trip made me walk out so enriched and wondered what the heck I did to deserve to get that blessing.”


  • “I happened to visit your website and was touched with the amount of work you are doing in the field of training autism adults. I live in Chennai, India and have a son who has been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome.”


  • “They can feel the love and understanding that you have for them, and they all so desperately need that. Thank you so much for what you do! ”


  • “As the mother of a 21 year old son with autism, I wept when I discovered your website. My nearly non-verbal son graduated from high school last June with very little educational or vocational opportunities. Your model, program and vision is brilliant and after I wept, I became determined...”


  • “I want you to know I said a prayer of thanks to you and your tireless efforts...for having the vision that allows MY son...and those young daughters/sons of have a life we could not imagine. Our son shared his news that he will be instructing now; and for perhaps only one of a handful of days in his entire life, he felt hope and pride and acceptance in who he is and in his future.”


  • “I read your entire website tonight, and was overwhelmingly intrigued by your paper: "Technology Training for the Autistic Mind". Just Incredible! I am so thrilled by what I see here that I just don't even know what else to say!”


  • “This program almost seems too good to be true. Please tell us it's real!”


  • “We were all so inspired by what you are doing for those kids! We want to leave Illinois like yesterday, and move to Plano! I can't thank you enough it has given him a real boost of confidence. It was so awe inspiring to see those kids feel comfortable and not stressed. I couldn't believe it, it made me so happy and thankful.”


  • “Our daughter is quite enthusiastic about becoming a part of NPI, and kept talking about how completely comfortable she felt with everyone there--and how awesome she thought it would be to be able to focus on her art.”


  • “Words cannot describe our gratitude to you! With God's help, you are literally saving lives. We don't like to think about what our son's life would be like without nonPareil. May you go from strength to strength!”


  • “I have tears of joy that our son is able to pursue his dreams of being an animator for video games/apps because of your program. Thanks again for your commitment and foresight in creating nonPareil.”


  • “I appreciate all of you at nonPareil so much, not only for caring so much for our kids - not only for your hard work and dedication to make this incredible vision, but also for your ever-present support for us, as parents.”


  • “I can't even start to express the gratefulness I have to you for giving our son the chance to excel in his life. I promise he will not let you or his team down. I feel and hope he is as big an asset to nonPareil as they will be to him.”


  • “In the six months that our daughter has been a part of nPI, she has blossomed! She loves being a part of a growing company and delighted to be learning what she's always dreamed of!”


  • “Your vision, dedication and hard work to bring this Institute to life is remarkable. It gives us a great deal of hope for our son.”


  • “Our son was cautious at first but now he is telling everyone he is moving to Plano to be in a cutting edge program. First of it's kind. I am pleased that he is excited and bodes well.”


  • “Thank you so much for teaching me, inspiring me and being so nice to me. I'm so thankful to God that you started nonPareil. It has forever changed my life.”

    A.W. - nP.Student

  • “Thank you to the founders. Because of nonPareil I feel privileged and I believe you have changed my life for the better. I give thanks to Gary and Dan of nonPareil for helping me and answering my prayer to do something with my life.”

    R.R. - nP.Student

  • “Thank you for letting me be a member of nonPareil. I am really enjoying being a part of this program. In my own life, I have some unpleasant memories of a time in the past when things were not working so well for me.”

    L.G. - nP.Student

  • “I just wanted to let you know how much I truly appreciate what you're doing for us.”

    E.M. - nP.Student

  • “I'm sending this email to express my appreciation and enthusiasm about being given the opportunity to work with the team at Np. All my life I have wanted to work in this field. Ever since I left the campus the first time I visited, the gears have been turning in my head.”

    T.G. - nP.Student

  • “I have to tell you that seeing our son involved, engaged, working and succeeding gave us the happiest Christmas we've had in at least five years.”


  • “I am so excited to find your program. I have wished for something like this for my son since he was very young, but never thought I could find it.”


  • “I am so excited about his future now. To be able to learn from and then to work for such a great place is more than we could have ever hoped for our child.”


  • “The nonPareil crew welcomed her like a family, one that really cares and understand the way she functions and behaves. NonPareil is a place where she can be herself and allow her brilliance to shine through.”


  • “This is the brightest ray of hope to enter the horizon in my search for solutions and help for my kiddo. What you are doing is spectacular and I, for one, am speechlessly grateful for the vision and inspiration behind nonPareil.”


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