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Lightwire places players in the role of a witty, young space engineer as they strive to save their dying home planet. Players must harvest enough energy from various nodes throughout the galaxy in order to satisfy the growing demand at home. Lightwire utilizes fun, gesture-based features, as players draw laser beams across energy nodes. Players cause massive explosions that generate the valuable energy needed to sustain life.

The Story So Far...

A short, short time in the future in a galaxy pretty close to ours...

As the brightest space engineer from the latest team of U.S. Space Academy graduates, you have just received your first the planet. Despite this daunting task, take comfort in the fact that you are not alone in this quest. The U.S. Space Alliance recently formed multiple teams to start harvesting energy throughout the galaxy in order to satisfy Earth's growing demands.

Some technological breakthrough is needed...something that can improve Earth's ability to harvest resources. Your graduate work at the Academy sparked the interest of the Space Alliance, which led to your invitation to join the latest Energy Gathering Team, Delta EGT 1. It is time to take your knowledge to space and harvest more energy than anyone has ever done before!

Design - Theme - Tone

Lightwire occurs onboard a futuristic spacecraft that travels to different sectors of the known galaxy. Players feel like a heroic space engineer as they control powerful weapon turrets. Holographic displays line the spacecraft's control panels and large windows provide awe-inspiring views of deep space. Laser shots appear vivid and explosions look bright and colorful.

Players concentrate on figuring out the best possible firing combinations while feeling excitingly intelligent as they rack up the points. This game takes the simplistic nature of touch-screen controls and provides an experience that encourages players to plan out their laser shots in order to maximize the amount of energy collected.

Screen Shots

Harvest Energy

Clear massive fields of nodes to complete a level. TEN types of Energy Nodes create challenging puzzles and dynamic gameplay.

Fire the Lasers!

Control powerful lasers with the touch of your fingers. Plan shots carefully to maximize your score. Multiple laser types increase the strategic possibilities.

Rank Progression

Work your way from a young Cadet to an experienced Admiral. Earn commendations for stellar performances!