Friendly Al - Books 1 And 2

  • Released: Book 1 - October 25, 2012 Book 2 - March 26, 2013

Join a group of friends as they experience a journey of friendship and acceptance. Friendly Al takes full advantage of the iPad’s HD graphics and presents a colorful story in an imaginative world. Come and meet the characters that started the Friendly Al series.

The Story So Far...

The story begins on an island known as Isle Dreamo. Readers are introduced to a basset hound named Lance that begins to wonder what the island is all about. Lance meets a friendly pony and knowledgeable toucan that tells him the tale of Friendly Al, The Spirit of Friendship. Through this adventure, readers learn about the true meaning of friendship and accepting others. This is a story worth sharing with children as they learn about friendship.

Design - Theme - Tone

Friendly Al occurs in a colorful world created by nonPareil author and artist, Jacob Waters. Characters and environments appear bright and vivid. The story is easy for children to follow and understand in order to easily communicate the value of friendship and learning to accept others. There is a notable distinction between good and bad friends that helps children identify appropriate ways of treating others.

Screen Shots

An Imaginative New World

Explore a fictional setting from the mind of Jacob Waters as he presents a tale of friendship and acceptance.

Bright Friendly Characters

Children easily identify the good friends in the story and learn appropriate ways of treating others.

A Spirit of Friendship

Young readers learn how characters can feel bad when they are not treated nicely. This story helps them learn the lesson of good friendship.