• Released: December 1, 2015

Tekling is an action packed 2D platform game for mobile devices where the player must avoid deadly buzzsaws and dodge explosions in order to transform into the mighty Tekling, robotic savior of the city. As a human, the mild mannered Jack must collect stray e-particles to gather enough energy to transform into his robot form who can jump higher, run faster, jump off of walls and blast away enemies and obstacles to escape the area.

The Story So Far...

Jack, once an ordinary pizza boy, had the misfortune of making a delivery near the site of a particle accelerator explosion, exposing him to supercharged nanites. When exposed to additional exotic particles Jack morphs into a robot warrior and champion of justice, Tekling! The city is flooded with particles and now he must gather them up before they can harm the populace.

Design - Theme - Tone

With more than 70 levels in episode 1, all done by crew members, players can look forward to hours of challenging gameplay. If you get stuck in later zones, do not fret dear citizen. Simply pause the game and try using one of the alternate Tekling forms that will allow you to jump higher or shield yourself against obstacles.

Tekling represents our first foray into the Stencyl Engine and will be release on iOS and Android. Tekling releases with Episode 1 but Episodes 2 and 3 are planned for next year.

The Making of Tekling

Screen Shots

Single Screen Platformer

Jack must dodge all the obstacles, gather the e-particles, and escape using an energy portal.

Unlock Levels

Secure the elusive coins to unlock zones full of challenging levels. Earn three stars and you can play the level again in missile mode for an additional challenge.

Gain Additional Abilities

Unlock new Tekling forms like the super jump Tekling or Shield Tekling. Jump out of danger or shrug off hazards with these new abilities.