The Fast And Furriest

  • Released: Janury 11, 2015

The Fast and Furriest challenges players to take their team of Animal Racers to the top of the leaderboards. Players compete in The Big Race by controlling up to four Animal Racers at a time. Players help their Animal Racers avoid obstacles and collect coins as they steadily run faster and faster down a racetrack towards the finish line.

The Story So Far...

One day a small group of friends in the Animal Kingdom decided to host a race. These friends were Turtle, Cat, Dog, and Owl. Together, they made all kinds of plans for the race. They built and designed a racetrack. They organized charity drives and fund raising events to help provide prizes for the racers. They even hired a catering team. Word in the Kingdom was that this race was going to be a really big deal.

The only obstacle this group of strong-willed entrepreneurs faced was that they could not find any other friends to compete in The Big Race. Instead of getting discouraged, Turtle, Cat, Dog, and Owl decided to enter the race as the sole competitors. No one seemed to mind. In fact, everyone was having tons of fun and enjoying the festivities.

After the race, Turtle, Cat, Dog, and Owl discovered that they had stumbled on an economic goldmine. Business in the Animal Kingdom was booming and everyone seemed to be in good spirits. With this discovery, they decided to embark on an entire racing career. Racing seasons were organized, awards were created, and custom racing suits were soon to follow. This is how The Fast and Furriest started.

Design - Theme - Tone

The Fast and Furriest takes place in a very bright and cartoony world. This world appears medieval in style with castles, towers, and cottages. The characters are a mix of Animal Racers and simple citizens. The Animal Racers are the stars of this game as they are the characters competing in The Big Race.

Players enjoy watching their animals run down the race track and want to help them avoid obstacles and run as far as possible. Players hear cartoony sounds and effects when their animals bump into obstacles and fall down.

Screen Shots

Fun, Simple Gameplay

TAP your Animal Racers to make them JUMP. Avoid obstacles and collect coins to BUY cool stuff!

Cute Animal Characters

The initial release includes FOUR different Animal Racers. More Animal Racers and Color Options are COMING SOON!

Global Leaderboards

Connect to Game Center on iOS devices to compare your score against the World’s Best.