npASG - Aperature Science Group

  • Released: Dec 26, 2016

Getting up and running on your Windows machine:

The steps below will take you through downloading and installing the game on your Windows machine.

  1. Click the Windows Download button above. This will download a file called: on your computer, typically in your downloads folder.
  2. Locate the file and right click it. Choose "Extract" from the file menu.
  3. Your Windows machine will ask you for permission to install the game. You must have administrator rights on the machine to continue.
  4. Make sure you have Steam installed on your computer. If you don't, you can download and install it here.
  5. Click and run the setup.exe file that was extracted. This will download the game and place it in your Program File (x86)/Steam/Steamapps folder.

    On Windows 8 or Windows 10, a warning from SmartScreen may appear. Click "More info", then "Run anyway" to continue. A clean download of the ASG game is about 1-2gb, which may take some time to complete.

  6. Once the dowload is completed, you can launch the game from the installer or from the desktop shortcut. If the game fails to run, exit Steam and restart it. The game will be listed in Steam as npASG under Library -> Games.
  7. The first time you run the game, it will install the Source 2007 binaries if you do not have them already.
  8. Enjoy the game!

ASG is a possible origin story behind the Valve Handheld Portal Emitter. In this game, the player must locate the marble device and solve a number of specialized puzzles as they progress through the story. This is an exciting team project from nonPareil Institute in that it was built entirely using the Hammer design tool.

The Story...

A secret U.S. government facility is doing interdimensional transportation experiments in the 1940's in hopes of finding a way to prevent future wars. At an undisclosed location in the southwest borderlands of America, an experiment goes horribly wrong, and a task force specialist must be called in to investigate. The latest reports show that a portable spacial-rift device is theoretically possible if the precise combination of antigravity, electromagnetic, and strong forces can be precisely combined. But when a doorway is opened to the unknown, the entire tri-state area is in jeopardy of vanishing into the void!

Design Theme and Tone

Setting the tone

During World War II, the United States entered a time of military and industrial productivity, espionage, political subversion, and unparalleled scientific research in order to prepare to meet the Nazi threat. Along with Bletchley Park in England and Los Alamos next door in New Mexico, the United States launched other secret failities used to conduct research. Here, among the beautiful peaks of the high desert's windswept buttes and mesas, another secret underground facility pushes this scientific research to its limits. In an attempt to open a rift in the fabric of reality itself, their contained labaratory experiment went much farther than it was supposed to. That is what happens when your calculations are a few decimals off...

Players will feel the intrigue of a beatiful farmhouse on the surface, with a government installation underground that connects a warehouse, barn, and a smokestack forge. Sometimes it is better to let an experiment fail, but when the player reopens the experimental rift, they must escape with the secret and secure the rift before it tears the world apart!

Screen Shots

Strange things happen!

Learn how to use the marble device to deploy small packets of antigravity!

Beautiful settings and puzzles

Work your way through gorgeous landscapes and underground facilities as you unlock the secrets of an experiment gone wrong!

Farm House

Beautifully Detailed Settings

Enjoy the setting of the 1940's with its cool cars, old radio broadcasts, and elevator music! Meet interesting scientific and government characters to help you on your journey.